Where will the tuition take place?

It varies from individual to individual, the tuition can either take place at the home of the tutee, the home of the tutor or a neutral venue; such as a coffee shop.

How much does the tuition cost?

Depending on the tutor we charge between £25 and £30 per hour.There are no other fees or hidden costs and you are free to pay however suits you best.

How much are travel costs?

It depends on how far the tutor has to travel. The first 3 miles are free and then all extra miles are charged at £1 per mile. For example if the tutor had to travel 8 miles then 3 of them would be inclusive which would leave 5 charged at £1 each, totalling £5. This is only a guide and is negotiable with the tutor.

How long do the tutorials last?

The length of the tutorials depends on the tutee. Most tutorials are arranged for 1 hour, however, some tutees prefer and hour and a half or even two hours.

Will you provide any extra support?

The help we provide extends far beyond the tutorials. We will be happy to provide all the support we can for things such as UCAS personal statements, interview preperation and coursework help.