Sue - Parent of an A-Level Maths and Physics Student

"We chose Ben out of an array of on-line tutors. It was the best decision we ever made.
Our daughter Alice wanted some input and help with her Physics,Maths and Further Maths A level work. She had an offer from Imperial College to do a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and needed to achieve top grades. Ben proved an excellent choice. He is a skilled and approachable teacher and made our daughter immediately at ease. Not only did he improve her work, but also gave her much confidence, which she lacked.

Ben was punctual, reliable, amiable, hard-working and extremely knowledgeable.
Alice has now achieved magnificent grades in all her subjects, which exceeded her predictions .She is happily getting ready to start her new life at Imperial College. We cannot thank Ben enough for all his support and enablement of Alice. We have no hesitation in recommending him as the very best tutor available in this area. But be very quick as he will get booked up quickly-his reputation precedes him!"

Barbara - Parent of an A-level Biology, Maths, and Physics Student

"My son Jack was studying for his A levels hoping to fulfill his ambition to go to university to study civil engineering. Jack was struggling to meet the grades he required for entry to undertake the course and in particular we realised he needed some help with Physics. Jack is a relatively bright boy but lacked confidence, exam technique and the ability to organise his work schedule. He visited Ben weekly increasing this to twice a week when exams were imminent. Ben offered support and advice regarding the subject in line with the curriculum and coached him to respond to the potential questions asked of him during his exams. He guided him in exam technique, scrutiny of the questions and most importantly gave him the confidence to believe that he could succeed.

Jack's other subjects were maths and biology and as his exams approached Ben was able to help him with these too. Jack achieved excellent grades and is now studying at Nottingham University.

We do not underestimate the significant influence of Ben's input in supporting Jack to achieve his success. Ben was a reliable, flexible and highly competent tutor. Jack enjoyed his tuition and his company. We would, and have, recommended him to support other young people without hesitation. "

Megan - A-Level Biology, Chemistry and Physics Student

"After leaving AS with ACCD I was far off my targets for what I needed for university, so I approached Ben for tutoring, he was recommended by my chemistry teacher. I was made to feel welcome straight away and Ben's friendly personality made me feel comfortable asking questions which I previously felt embarrassed about asking in lessons. Ben not only tutored me to an incredibly high standard but went the extra mile in helping me prepare for university. He helped with UCAS applications and helped me to prepare efficiently for university interviews. Ben was happy to mark any papers or extra work I attempted, so we could go through them in the next tutoring session, which was extremely beneficial to my studies. I ended up coming out with AABB and I am now attending a Russell group university. This would have never been possible without the support and help I have received from Ben. He is a fantastic tutor and I would highly recommend him to anyone studying science or maths."

Harriet - A-level Maths, Biology and Chemistry Student

"Having Ben tutor me for the past two years has been great! He is extremely patient and explains things very precisely. He is hugely knowledgeable about every subject he taught me, and not only did he make sure I was prepared for my exam but also enjoy the subjects going along. Ben is also friendly and makes it very comfortable to be taught by him by encouraging and being very determined that I succeed. Ben helped hugely towards preparing me for University and would recommend him for anyone needing a little more help! "

Lucy - A-level Biology Student

"Ben has been a fantastic biology tutor. He is patient, enthusiastic and full of information! He has helped me improve my overall biology A level grade from a predicted grade D up to a C on results day. I recommend him to anybody in need of help with biology!"

Loren - G.C.S.E Maths Student

"Ben has been a great help from the first lesson to the last. I'm a shy person and at first I wasn't sure what would happen, but he is so clear in how to solve problems and teaching me new things that I quickly understood. Every lesson was so helpful and always made me laugh. Over these last months, I feel that Ben knows the best ways in which I learn more than my teachers who I've had for five years at high school. I recommend these one-to-one lessons to anyone. I am leaving school confident that I've got good grades and know all the hard work will be worth the grades I'll get in August. Thank you very much, Ben!"

Gavin - Parent of an A-level Maths and Chemistry Student

"Selecting Ben as a tutor for my son's A Levels proved to be the perfect choice. His knowledge adaptability to the subjects of Statistics and Chemistry proved to be invaluable. Equally important he could relate to somebody of my son's age (18) which can sometimes be an issue with standard teaching. As a result of Ben's tutoring my son has obtained improved results and gained a place at the University he selected."

Amro - A-level Biology Student

"Ben is a great tutor. He is very good at going through problems; breaking them down in a way that allows you to work it out yourself and gain a thorough understanding of them. Especially in past papers, he gives various ways to answer certain questions which really improved my exam technique and my confidence. He is a great person to learn from and I would definitely recommend him! "

Amy - A-level Maths Student

"Ben was my tutor for 2 years throughout my A-Levels, helping me through my Maths and Physics courses. When I first started my tutoring I was the most unconfident person when it came to Maths! But after just a few months I’d gained so much confidence and knowledge and for the first time I felt like I could actually do Maths! He was so patient with me and helped me through not just revision but also the complicated task of applying for university and writing personal statements.

I owe Ben so much and definitely don’t think I could have got through A-Levels without his help! Now I’m going to Northumbria University to study Architecture after finally getting the B at A-Level Maths that I needed! Thanks for everything Ben! "

Julia - A-level Physics Student

"Ben is a brilliant tutor. I found it really helpful that we first went through the core information and then through exam questions. He gave me a new found confidence with my Physics and I found it easy to relate to his teaching styles. He also went on to help me with my maths and helped me break down each question so I understood it thoroughly. I found myself believing in myself more because of his confidence within me. I will certainly be continuing with him for tuition as I couldn't have asked for better support."

Laura - G.C.S.E Maths and Science Student

"I was tutored by Ben Hanson for my GCSE Maths and Science exams after receiving not so impressive results in the first year. Ben was an excellent tutor; he worked on my weak areas and built up my confidence through past papers and continual practice, practice, practice. Ben would go over and over if I didn't understand a certain area trying different methods until we found one that worked. Not only was I starting to understand work for the exam but I finally began to grasp the subjects in a way I hadn't before. I ended up with A's in both Maths and Double Award Science, with a breakdown of my Science exams going Physics A*, Biology A* and Chemistry A. Ben's tutoring enabled me to achieve this grades and I am very lucky to have found such a great tutor."

Ellie - A-Level Biology Student

"Struggling with A-level biology, Ben was a star throughout the two years of biology I studied. His teaching technique was very visual and that suited me perfectly and really helped me get through biology - which I do not think I would have been able to manage if it wasn’t for Ben’s patience and excellent tutoring skills. I felt comfortable and happy in every session because he made it a fun and an enjoyable learning experience as well as allowing me to feel confident in my learning. Worth every penny."

Laraine - Parent of a G.C.S.E Maths Student

"I found Ben on the Rising Stars website at a time when my daughter Loren was having problems at school, both academically and emotionally. Being a victim of intermittent bullying over the years, she had lost her confidence and some of her school subjects were suffering.
I liked the look of Ben straight away and he and Loren got along really well right from the start. Ben tutored her once a week for a period of approximately 10 months leading up to her GCSEs, covering mainly maths but he also helped with science when this became problematic. Loren's attitude and confidence with these subjects changed almost instantly, she had more confidence and the one-to-one instruction was invaluable. Ben has a very calm approach to his job, Loren was at ease with him and didn't find the extra work a chore in any way; in fact she looked forward to the lessons.
Ben is reliable, punctual and trustworthy and I would recommend him to anyone who is considering giving their child some extra help with their education. "

Catherine- A-Level Biology, Chemistry and Maths Student

"I was tutored by Ben in Chemistry, Biology and Maths A level in Year 13. He has helped me so much, I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing help, or wanting a better understanding of their subjects, and already have done to many people. Ben helped me with anything I was unsure about, as well as clearly answering in depth any questions I had.  He also went through past papers with me which was extremely useful around exam time as the feedback helped me learn how to improve, and be more confident in tackling difficult questions.
Ben is really friendly and supportive, and has been a great tutor to me over the last year. Thank you so much for all your help!"

Tim - Parent of a Oxford Entrance Exam Student

"Ben was very helpful, and flexible, offering us a one-off meeting needed at short notice.
Ben was able to quickly focus on what my son required, making it a useful and purposeful meeting. A nice collaborative manner."

Clair - A-level Biology Student

"Having Ben's help was an amazing boost, not only in grades and understanding, but in confidence too. He is very friendly and welcoming which makes learning more relaxed and easier. Ben's knowledge and understanding of the subject is very high and effort was always made to answer any questions fully. Ben was recommended to me and was a great help, I would definitely recommend him to anyone else."

Rafia - A-level Chemistry Student

"Ben is a great tutor as he understands every aspect of the subject he tutors for. He is good at explaining it to us in a variety of ways until we are able to understand it ourselves. Going through exam papers with Ben is good because he would teach us techniques for answering the different sorts of questions. He is a great person to talk to and a brilliant person to learn from."

Jo - Parent of a KS2 Maths Student

“Ben was ‘hand picked’ by our 10 year son, Sam, for a boost with his maths in preparation for his SATs. Sam enjoyed his sessions with Ben and came away buzzing with renewed confidence and interest. He ultimately achieved his goal and we would have no hesitation in requesting future support for Sam or his brother & sister.”

Debbie - Parent of a G.C.S.E Maths Student

"Ben has been extremely helpful in tutoring Sarah. In just two weeks Sarah's confidence has risen 100%. Ben's explanation of work that Sarah has found difficult to understand has been so easy for her to put into place, we look forward to many more weeks of quick learning and understanding and Sarah's confidence growing from strength to strength. So pleased we found him."

Jenny - Parent of an A-level Maths Student

Leon has benefited from the tutoring sessions since the very start and his self belief has improved enormously. I am very pleased with his progress but more particularly with the fact that the tutoring has given him the confidence to continue with A level Maths. I feel that this is mostly down to the relaxed and flexible approach to the sessions, allowing him time to work through a problem without him feeling pressured or stressed.

Jed - Parent of an A-level Chemistry Student

"Friendly guy that's easy to communicate with and knows every thing that he needs to about the subjects he tutors for, would definitely recommend him to any one looking for a tutor in maths or the sciences."

Kathryn - Parent of an A-level Physics Student

"Brilliant, James says he is really helping him understand how to breakdown and answer exam questions, well worth the hours drive!"

Liam - A-level Chemistry student

"Rising Stars Tuition helped me a lot with topics that I just couldn't grasp at school, had it not been for Ben I would have never got the Grades I ended up with or gotten into university"

Adele - Parent of an AS-Level Biology Student

"Ben has been a superb tutor for our daughter. He is enthusiastic and has provided lots of positive encouragement.We will be using him again from September for Sarah's last year."

Lesley - Parent of a G.C.S.E Biology, Chemistry and Physics Student

"Ben is reliable and punctual. He relates well to my daughter and is easily able to adapt his teaching methods to accommodate her individual needs."

Emma - G.C.S.E Maths student

"Ben had tutored me for 2 years, he was great help with my Maths and Science, he worked hard to help me get the highest possible grades. He gave me frequent home work so i was busy with work inbertween weekly sessions."